Installation Video Guide

PrestaShop Site

We must have a Prestashop already installed.
Download and install PrestaShop (latest version) here

Log in to PrestaShop admin panel.

Theme package

Download ZIP file of the latest ZOneTheme version via Addons customer account and DOWNLOADS page

Add and Active ZOneTheme

Regenerate thumbnails

NOTE: If you get a blank page/timeout error while regenerating images, please repeat the same process with Erase previous images option is No, until you see a success message.

Update new ZOneTheme version

Please backup your site (source code and database) before updating to new theme version.

1 Open ZOneTheme-new-version/dependencies/modules folder
Copy all zone_ folders, overwrite to your_site/public_html/modules/ folder#

2 Open ZOneTheme-new-version folder
Copy all ALL files and folders overwrite to your_site/public_html/themes/ZOneTheme/ folder#

3 Go to admin panel, Modules page (Modules  →  Module Manager)
Find Z.One - Theme Manager (zonethememanager) module, click on Configure button#
Click Save General Settings button to update module settings.#

4 Go to Performance page (Advanced Parameters  →  Performance)
Click on Clear cache to clear the smarty cache.#

5 Clear your brower cache, then refresh the front-end